Friday, February 11, 2011

Pneumonia and Strep throat and fevers OH MY!

Dylan has been in the hospital since late Tuesday night. He was having a 8 day fever cycle, which isn't uncommon for him, but he started coughing. Off to the doctor we went to make sure there wasn't something else and BAM - pneumonia and strep and fever. Our pediatrician gave him 2 shots in the office and sent us home with other meds. The next day he was not better and off we went to the hospital.

He has "significant pneumonia" in his right lower lobe. Thankfully no fluid in his lungs, but he can't shake the fevers. Of course with his history of fevers they aren't sure if it's that or the pneumonia, but they certainly aren't sending him home with 103 degree fevers.

He's entertaining himself with coloring, legos, hot wheels, tv, itouch, and air hockey.

Thursday morning we were up early for our doctors visitations. He noticed I was moving slowly and said, "I'm sorry your back hurts mom." Oh don't worry about me, I say. We just need you to get better. "But I don't want your back to hurt." Such a sweet boy! Seriously though - they put me on a mat that is slightly better than the floor! Even with the egg crate and blanket I brought in I can still feel the hard window seat they have us sleep on.

Keep him in your prayers!

A better way to camp

Our NEW camper! A 2008 Passport travel trailer that can sleep 9.

We picked it up and spent the night getting used to it. We wanted to try all the gadgets so we knew they worked and that we could work them. We made pizzas, but the oven would never we had stove top pizzas. Oven still not working we made microwave sugar cookies for dessert. Thankfully the stove top worked so for breakfast was pancakes, eggs, and sausage. It was a rainy night and day so we stayed inside played board games and cleaned it from top to bottom.

I think fun family memories are in the making!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New callings

The energy is flowing in our house! Neal and I both got new callings in December and January. Neal was called to Provident Living. He'll do a great job! He has been inspired for a few years now on helping our family be self sufficient and reliant and LOVES to talk about it and encourage others. I know he'll do a great job inspiring others!

I was just called at the Stake Young Women's 2nd counselor. The theme this year for the youth is the 13th article of faith. So as my calling was sustained, my inspiration flowed. We started Ward Conferences already so I had a lot to get done my first week - meetings, lesson, and something cute for the girls. I came up with these cute blocks (with inspiration from other bloggers) to help the girls have a visual reminder of the theme. Now to making 130 or more of them. Fingers get to crafting!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodbye house that never was

It's been an interesting few months! We thought we were buying a house - lovely, large and full of land. But there are different plans for us.

Long story long, but still shorter than the whole story!

We were set to close at the end of August. The day before closing, we were told of a survey/title issue that concerned our financial institution. They allowed us to "rent" during the month of September because the issue would be resolved, quickly (well at least in a 30 day time frame). The kids were in school and I was driving 15 miles one way to get them there so it was nice to go ahead and move in. Nearing the 30 day mark we were informed about a form call "Indemnification with under taking" that they wanted us to sign to proceed with closing. We decided to consult an attorney. He said don't sign it. We would be taking on the risk of the title which currently means ... a land locked house that needs access (aka purchasing land from others) and we would be releasing them from the house. Sounded too risky on such a large purchase.

No tears were shed! We know Heavenly Father has a plan for us. Right now we are sitting in boxes at our old house (which thankfully had not sold!) Fasting and Temple attendance in the works.

My biggest frustrations...

1) Driving the kids to and fro - which will stop at the end of the 9 weeks and I'll have to transfer them to our home school.

2) Living out of boxes b/c I can't find anything!

3) Losing money on a house we don't own!

Friday, September 24, 2010

First Day of School

Eli started 3rd grade on Monday, August 23rd at Hickory Creek Elementary. This is a new school for him because of our new house. He's had a great month getting to know new friends at school and church. His favorite part of school continues to be lunch, playing outside, and resources (ie art, music, pe).

He started scouts at church now that he is eight. He gets to go with Zach. It's great to have a cousin to hang out with.

Dylan started Kindergarten on Wednesday, August 25th at Hickory Creek Elementary. They do staggered start so the Kindergartner's can get use to school in small groups. Friday, August 27th everyone in his class was there. He loves going to school. He has made friends in his class and on the bus. His favorite part of school is playing on the playground and eating lunch (typical boy things to like) I know he also likes art and computer lab. He's already at some hot lava episodes but tried to go to school sick. He lasted for a few hours and then I went to get him. He doesn't want to miss school.

They also joined an after school Lego group. They get to go for 8 weeks and build motorized Lego's. They've built a dragster car and sailboat so far. A definite highlight of their week. First because they LOVE Lego's. Second because they often beg me to let them go to extended day. They think its a party or something. "Mom when are you gonna work so I can go to extended day?" So they think they are part of extended day once a week for an hour.
Morgan and I stay pretty busy. We volunteer in both of the boys classrooms on Tuesday. Plus lots of other times they might need us. We've been unpacking our house. Buying new things for our house. We've been cleaning the other house (still hoping to get it sold!) We are hoping to go to a mommy and me class after Christmas. It's fun to have girl time together.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eight is Great!

Eli Neal Steinhour
Baptism Day

Eli was so excited to be baptized. We arrived early to help with chair set up and to make sure the water would be in the font.
Eli and dad in their baptism clothes. We a proud moment. Our first child getting baptized.
My sweet Eli. He was especially concerned with his outfit. He wanted to look like dad. Dark pants, red tie, jacket, and belt.
Grandpa Doug and Eli. Grandma Pam and Grandpa Rick and Eli.

We've been spending time during FHE to prepare Eli for baptism. A few weeks before we helped him decide on his program. Austin was the chorister, Amy and Grandma JC prayed, Renea spoke on baptism, Ethan spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we sang When Jesus Christ was Baptized as a family, Neal baptized and confirmed him, Grandpa Doug and Rick were witnesses, and they along with Granpa JC, Bryan, Matt, and Brother Shannon helped with the confirmation. What a wonderful experience!

Disney Cruise Day 4 Day at Sea & Happy Birthday Morgan!

Day 4 was spent out at sea. We slept in, went swimming, had lunch at Palo's (the adult only restaurant), watched a movie, played in the kids area, and relaxed.
Dinner was at Triton's - PERFECT for our Ariel loving princess and her 3rd birthday!
The boys watching us float in the water.
Morgan loved all her presents. They were all either princess themed or Ariel themed. Pj's, hair glitter (which dad and grandpa happily let her put in their hair), picture frame, mini doll, towel, sunglasses...she made out!
Our sweet girl enjoying her yummy cake. She devoured it.
The sunset on our last night at sea!

We had such a wonderful time on this vacation. A good mix of family fun and adult time and playing and relaxing.