Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rick's Warriors

A few weeks ago our family participated in Light the Night. It's the annual donation drive for Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer's. Our team was able to collect $1500 in donations. The donations help patients with resource information and groups and co-payment for some of the procedures. It was a great way to rally together to support our dad! Thank you to everyone who donated.
Here is a group photo. Some of us were missing. It was crazy at the venue and we couldn't get around the crowds to get a picture of everyone.
Family picture - with orange glow sticks on. Orange is the color for Leukemia.

Lisa, Jennifer and Devon waiting for the walk to start. We all carried red balloons to show our support for a loved one with Leukemia. Our shirts were designed by Erin - stick grand kids surrounding grandpa with orange ribbons. It was nominated as one of the top 3 family shirts.

My dad and mom! We walked to show our support. Dad was diagnosed 4 years ago. He just finished chemotherapy and is currently on a double shot treatment plan. My boys say during prays, "bless that grandpa's cancer will make him feel better." He's sick, but not so sick that it heavily effects his daily life (tired and achey, but not bed ridden.) So his health is a blessing, but we continue to pray for a cure!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Lots of fun stuff for Halloween this year. Dylan's circus party. Eli's fall party. Cookie making. The Pumpkin Patch. The ward party. And Halloween (sweet candy goodness!) We were so busy that we bought a pumpkin, but never carved it. (Pretty sad!)
Halloween night. Neal has dressed up as Frank N. Steinhour for the past 7 years. Morgan was not a fan! "You scary daddy! " If you show her a picture/toy/decoration of a Frankenstein she always says, "that's daddy, Frankensteinhour"
The trick or treating group. Ethan did a spook alley at his house. He is that bush looking thing on the left. Eli is Peter Pan. Riley is a stick figure boy. Lisa is a ballerina teacher. Austin is a whoopie cushion. Emma is a stick figure girl. Dylan is Buzz Lightyear. Morgan is a ballerina.

Before dinner on Halloween. We had pizza and fries - yummy!
This was the night of our ward party. Morgan has several costume choices thanks to good hand me downs. She went as Tinker belle to the ward party.

Eli at the pumpkin patch. He was in love with the warty pumpkins. We read a book every year about Frankenstein Jr. who wants to carve a pumpkin and he carves one that has bumps on it to look like his dad. I know he wanted to do something like that.

Morgan had a good time running through the pumpkin patch. She found lots of pumpkins that were a perfect size for her.

Dylan's pumpkin patch picture. He had more fun riding on the rocking horse and other toys they had around the patch. But at least he took his yearly picture for me!
Happy Halloween. Hopefully next year we can carve a pumpkin.