Friday, September 24, 2010

First Day of School

Eli started 3rd grade on Monday, August 23rd at Hickory Creek Elementary. This is a new school for him because of our new house. He's had a great month getting to know new friends at school and church. His favorite part of school continues to be lunch, playing outside, and resources (ie art, music, pe).

He started scouts at church now that he is eight. He gets to go with Zach. It's great to have a cousin to hang out with.

Dylan started Kindergarten on Wednesday, August 25th at Hickory Creek Elementary. They do staggered start so the Kindergartner's can get use to school in small groups. Friday, August 27th everyone in his class was there. He loves going to school. He has made friends in his class and on the bus. His favorite part of school is playing on the playground and eating lunch (typical boy things to like) I know he also likes art and computer lab. He's already at some hot lava episodes but tried to go to school sick. He lasted for a few hours and then I went to get him. He doesn't want to miss school.

They also joined an after school Lego group. They get to go for 8 weeks and build motorized Lego's. They've built a dragster car and sailboat so far. A definite highlight of their week. First because they LOVE Lego's. Second because they often beg me to let them go to extended day. They think its a party or something. "Mom when are you gonna work so I can go to extended day?" So they think they are part of extended day once a week for an hour.
Morgan and I stay pretty busy. We volunteer in both of the boys classrooms on Tuesday. Plus lots of other times they might need us. We've been unpacking our house. Buying new things for our house. We've been cleaning the other house (still hoping to get it sold!) We are hoping to go to a mommy and me class after Christmas. It's fun to have girl time together.