Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodbye house that never was

It's been an interesting few months! We thought we were buying a house - lovely, large and full of land. But there are different plans for us.

Long story long, but still shorter than the whole story!

We were set to close at the end of August. The day before closing, we were told of a survey/title issue that concerned our financial institution. They allowed us to "rent" during the month of September because the issue would be resolved, quickly (well at least in a 30 day time frame). The kids were in school and I was driving 15 miles one way to get them there so it was nice to go ahead and move in. Nearing the 30 day mark we were informed about a form call "Indemnification with under taking" that they wanted us to sign to proceed with closing. We decided to consult an attorney. He said don't sign it. We would be taking on the risk of the title which currently means ... a land locked house that needs access (aka purchasing land from others) and we would be releasing them from the house. Sounded too risky on such a large purchase.

No tears were shed! We know Heavenly Father has a plan for us. Right now we are sitting in boxes at our old house (which thankfully had not sold!) Fasting and Temple attendance in the works.

My biggest frustrations...

1) Driving the kids to and fro - which will stop at the end of the 9 weeks and I'll have to transfer them to our home school.

2) Living out of boxes b/c I can't find anything!

3) Losing money on a house we don't own!