Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monster Jam!

About a month ago we went to Monster Jam. The boys LOVE monster trucks. We have acquired nearly all of the hot wheel monster trucks. Even Morgan plays with them.

This year instead of buying tickets, we waited to see if we could get free tickets at a meet and greet the day before - we scored!

Here's who went: Devon, Neal, Eli, Dylan, Grandpa Rick, Grandma Pam, Renea, Erin, Charles, Zach, Ethan, Riley, Grandpa Doug, Grandma Karen, and Jen.

Monster Jam is a very entertaining event. They play into the crowds and make sure no one goes home sorry they spend (or in our case didn't spend :-) money on tickets.
We took up nearly a whole row, but our seats were in two separate rows.
Eli at the start of the show.
Dylan and mom having fun at monster jam!
The Steinhour's happy to experience the thrill of monster jam.
Dad, Eli, and Dylan...father/son bonding time.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Counting My Blessings for today

1. Watching the kids eyes sparkle and hearing them laugh as they blow and catch bubbles.

2. Lying in the grass and watching sharks, jellyfish, and ice cream float by.

3. The weather. Is there a place were the weather is always 78 with a slight cool breeze...perfect for shorts and enjoying outside? If there is..."I want to go to there!"

4. Saving money...another great savings day for me. (more on that later...if I get to it)

5. Eating peanut butter M&M (one of my favorite!)

6. Pictures. They make me smile. This is one of Neal as a little boy...Eli is a spit'n image, but you can see some of Dylan and Morgan in this picture!

Now...count your many blessings!