Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eli's First Day of 2nd Grade

Monday Eli started 2nd grade at Bartram Springs Elementary.

This year we started at a brand new school. They had a ribbon cutting the week before school started, which we attended. Big ribbon, long speakers, and hot weather. The best part was the cake afterwards. But this will be our school for the next 13 years so I thought I should take the kids and let them be part of the history.

Eli in front of his classroom. Only a few of the students from his old school were transfered to this school. He only knows one little girl in his class, but he's seen several on the playground.

Eli at his desk. It won't be good for his talking! First day highlights: the playground has a telescope, I sat at a red table which was right next to a green table (his favorite color) for lunch, your note made people laugh at me (really in 2nd grade they already laugh if mom puts a note in his lunch box :-(, how come you won't let me walk home (from the bus stop - it isn't a far walk at all - but I have 2 concerns 1. it drops him off at a main road where people drive 60 miles and hour 2. Eli would come home by way of every house, swing set, free food, interesting animal...well you get the point.)

Best Wishes Eli!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Three Things...

I asked Eli what he'd like to do before school starts. Go to the beach, go to work with dad, and go bowling.

We went to the beach. They had a great time. Morgan has NO fear of the water so after 2 hours of trying to keep her from drowning, Eli wanting to go deeper and deeper, and Dylan hanging onto me, we wrapped up our beach trip.

The boys got to go spend half a day with Neal at work. They really like going, although this time he couldn't spend as much time with them due to his recent job change.

Finally, bowling. We meet up with lots of family members to enjoy our finally must do thing before summer ends. The boys tied at 80 and I beat them by one whole point.

Eli will start 2nd grade and Dylan will be in the VPK preschool program 3 days a week.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vivid Vinyl

I started a company....Vivid Vinyl.

Vinyl is the newest home decorating craze.

Visit my website for ideas and pricing. They make great presents and cute home decorations.
I can also make signs, banners, car decals, etc. You name it - vinyl probably does it.

Pass the word on to your friends and family and church members (especially for Super Craft Saturday!)

Thanks for supporting my new adventure!

Here are some of my creations:

Established Name Frame

Frame with Moments to Remember phrase

Turtle, Turtle, Turtle

I LOVE turtles. I don't know why, but I do. Mind you I have never had a pet turtle, but decorative turtles over floweth in my home.

So Neal found a turtle in the garage this week. He opened it up, then came back inside for a minute, then went back out and there he was...

Our nice neighbor helped Neal get him out of the garage. He got stuck underneath Neal's muffler pipe. (Oh and by help I mean he pretty much got it out...Neal was dressed for work and didn't really want to get him out, so thankfully Brian was on vacation and could help.)
He took the turtle to the pond in our neighborhood. I guess he was attracted to our green house, but no pets allowed here!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Eli & Morgan!

Birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays! From my birthday on July 17th until my dad's and aunt's birthday on August 4th there are 10 birthdays. It's Christmas in July/August y'all!

We went to Ollie Koala's for Eli's birthday. He turned 7 - yikes I can't believe how fast time flies!

He opened his presents in the morning.

At Ollie Koala's. Pizza, games, and jungle gyms for everyone!

Eli enjoyed yummy shaved ice for his birthday celebration!

We had dinner and cake for Morgan's birthday. She turned 2 - yikes the terrible two's (which started the day before her birthday).
Opening presents. She loves babies and kitty's right now.

"Happy Birthday to you!"

She blew each candle out separately.