Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crafty time

I've been in a crafting mood. I made another present for my cousin who is getting married tomorrow in the Orlando Temple.

It's been fun being creative! (Thanks Barbie for your input!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What do you think?

Not the finished product...but I made it for my cousins shower - it's a towel cake. I think it's pretty cute!

Hoppy Easter!

Easter has come and gone, but here are some pictures that will hopefully make you smile!

Sunday best!

We has a brunch and egg hunt with the Steinhours on Saturday.

Sunday we had linner and an egg hunt with the Alders.

What happpens in Vegas....

We had a great time in Vegas for Neal's 30th Birthday. To my surprise I liked gambling (well kinda - I hate losing, but I never played enough to feel too awful about it!) We won some, we lost some, but overall we broke even. The game we played most often was the Roullette table. It was FUN! I played with $40 and got up to $80 in about 2 or 3 rolls - my best game!. Neal started with $40 and got up to $300 or so during his best game.

The hotels and the shopping took up most of our time. Our vote for prettiest hotel was the Wynn hotel. That is what every hotel should look like! We took a gondola ride, saw almost all of the free shows at each hotel (watched the Bellagio water show several times), and enjoyed time with each other. We stayed at the Excalibur, which was in a good spot and decent for a hotel.

We got to see the Blue Man Group. The show was AWESOME! They keep you entertained the entire 2 1/2 hours there. Plus they do some things to include the audience which is always exciting!

We did the Hoover Dam tour. Interesting! Did you know that the concrete has not completely cured yet? It could take over 100 years and possible 1,000 years for the concrete to completely cure because of the thickness of it.

Our good friend Clint met us there and showed us the ropes. He's a Vegas regular! We got to eat at In and Out Burger, Taco Time, Jack in the Box, and some of his other favorites on the strip.

Thanks again to Erin & Charles for helping with the kids! We had a wonderful birthday celebration in Vegas!