Friday, December 4, 2009


We headed out to the farm to camp a few weeks ago. Of course we picked the coldest night so far this year. Seriously COLD!

We got there in enough time to set up our fire and get unpacked. We ate hot dogs and made smores.

I know they've had smores before (well maybe not Morgan), but it had been a while and they were a little reluctant to have some. But of course once you taste a smore there is no going back!

Morgan and mom by the fire. The scariest part to me! I was to worried someone was going to fall into the fire to enjoy the fire.

Dad and the kiddos just before we started cooking our dinner. Fire roasted hot dogs! The kids smoked theirs black - yuck! Mine was perfectly yummy. Seriously hot dogs are the best when cooked over a fire.

We slept in the barn that is being built. I got the comfy blow up bed with Eli and Morgan. Dad and Dylan slept on the floor. The kids slept fine, but mom and dad were too worried about getting cold or rolling off. Plus the ground wasn't all that comfy for Neal (he's getting old - old people don't belong on the ground.) And while the blow up bed was better than the ground, sleeping with 2 children that cling to your side wasn't the best night of sleep either. Thanks for taking the ground Neal!