Saturday, January 15, 2011

New callings

The energy is flowing in our house! Neal and I both got new callings in December and January. Neal was called to Provident Living. He'll do a great job! He has been inspired for a few years now on helping our family be self sufficient and reliant and LOVES to talk about it and encourage others. I know he'll do a great job inspiring others!

I was just called at the Stake Young Women's 2nd counselor. The theme this year for the youth is the 13th article of faith. So as my calling was sustained, my inspiration flowed. We started Ward Conferences already so I had a lot to get done my first week - meetings, lesson, and something cute for the girls. I came up with these cute blocks (with inspiration from other bloggers) to help the girls have a visual reminder of the theme. Now to making 130 or more of them. Fingers get to crafting!


Barbie and Craig said...

Congratulations, Devon!!! What an awesome calling! You will be SO GREAT at that :) YW is where you belong :)

Speaking of new callings, I just got called at YW 1st counselor! I will be called today at church. Just cant get enough of those girlies!

So do I need some of those blocks?! I think I do!

Love and miss you! I am SO glad I got to see you for a minute the other day! Bliss!!! xoxoxo

p.s. I got a Cricut Expressions for my birthday!!!!!!!

mom and pops grover said...

You'll do great Devon! It's going to be a lot of work!!! Need help with any ideas, give me a call! I'm proud of you...Neil too!