Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eight is Great!

Eli Neal Steinhour
Baptism Day

Eli was so excited to be baptized. We arrived early to help with chair set up and to make sure the water would be in the font.
Eli and dad in their baptism clothes. We a proud moment. Our first child getting baptized.
My sweet Eli. He was especially concerned with his outfit. He wanted to look like dad. Dark pants, red tie, jacket, and belt.
Grandpa Doug and Eli. Grandma Pam and Grandpa Rick and Eli.

We've been spending time during FHE to prepare Eli for baptism. A few weeks before we helped him decide on his program. Austin was the chorister, Amy and Grandma JC prayed, Renea spoke on baptism, Ethan spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we sang When Jesus Christ was Baptized as a family, Neal baptized and confirmed him, Grandpa Doug and Rick were witnesses, and they along with Granpa JC, Bryan, Matt, and Brother Shannon helped with the confirmation. What a wonderful experience!


Raderstorf Family said...

Devon I forgot to congratulate Eli on getting Baptised. I feel horrible. I will have dave bring him his card on Thursday. Sorry we missed it.

The Poore Family! said...

How are you doing!!? Hope all is well and that you are enjoying your new house! I just have a quick question, I know this is totally rude of me because I have not talked to you in such a long time! But remember a two years ago how the RS did the Christmas Plates with last names on them for Super Saturday? How did you make those? I'm in charge of the super Saturday coming up here and I thought maybe that was something we could do! Just let me know if you can! Thanks!
Love Suz