Friday, February 11, 2011

Pneumonia and Strep throat and fevers OH MY!

Dylan has been in the hospital since late Tuesday night. He was having a 8 day fever cycle, which isn't uncommon for him, but he started coughing. Off to the doctor we went to make sure there wasn't something else and BAM - pneumonia and strep and fever. Our pediatrician gave him 2 shots in the office and sent us home with other meds. The next day he was not better and off we went to the hospital.

He has "significant pneumonia" in his right lower lobe. Thankfully no fluid in his lungs, but he can't shake the fevers. Of course with his history of fevers they aren't sure if it's that or the pneumonia, but they certainly aren't sending him home with 103 degree fevers.

He's entertaining himself with coloring, legos, hot wheels, tv, itouch, and air hockey.

Thursday morning we were up early for our doctors visitations. He noticed I was moving slowly and said, "I'm sorry your back hurts mom." Oh don't worry about me, I say. We just need you to get better. "But I don't want your back to hurt." Such a sweet boy! Seriously though - they put me on a mat that is slightly better than the floor! Even with the egg crate and blanket I brought in I can still feel the hard window seat they have us sleep on.

Keep him in your prayers!


mom and pops grover said...

You are ALL in our prayers. We home you get to come home soon. Call me and tell me about it! We love you...